How to Breed Cherubble


Cherubble, a fascinating and elusive species, has captivated the hearts of many dedicated breeders. This article will guide you through the intricate art of Cherubble breeding, unlocking the secrets to successfully raising these enigmatic creatures in your care. In the enchanting realm of My Singing Monsters, Cherubble stands as a coveted Mythical Monster, its angelic voice adding a celestial touch to any island’s harmony. But acquiring this elusive creature requires patience, strategy, and a touch of luck. Embark on this comprehensive guide to unravel the secrets of Cherubble breeding and transform your island into a haven for this melodious cherub. Delve into the world of Cherubbles, and let’s embark on a breeding journey like no other.

Understanding Cherubble:

Cherubbles, renowned for their iridescent plumage and cryptic behaviours, inhabit the dense rainforests of the Equatorial Belt. Their resplendent appearance is complemented by a highly developed social structure, which necessitates a deep understanding of their complex behaviours for successful breeding.

Preparing for Cherubble Breeding:

Before you embark on your Cherubble breeding venture, meticulous preparation is paramount. Construct an enclosure miming their native rainforest habitat, replete with lush vegetation, temperature and humidity controls, and ample space for their graceful aerial acrobatics. Selecting healthy parent Cherubbles, with vibrant plumage and robust physique is the foundation of a successful breeding program. Their nutrition, replete with a diet rich in exotic fruits and insects, must be perfected to ensure optimal reproductive health.

1.Essential Elements for Cherubble Breeding: Gathering the Required Monsters and Resources

Before embarking on your Cherubble breeding quest, ensure you possess the essential ingredients:

  • Acquire Congle and Woolabee: These two monsters form the foundation for Cherubble’s creation. Coggle, with its rocky exterior and rhythmic drumming, brings stability to the breeding process. Woolabee, with its fluffy exterior and melodic chimes, adds a touch of whimsy and harmony.
  • Enhance Breeding Chances with Wishing Torches: These illuminating beacons serve as powerful catalysts, increasing the likelihood of Cherubble’s emergence from the breeding structure. Their warm glow enhances Cherubble’s breeding odds and accelerates the incubation period.

2.Choosing the Ideal Breeding Ground: Fire Oasis or Mythical Island

My Singing Monsters offers two distinct breeding grounds for Cherubble:

  • Fire Oasis: The traditional home for Cherubble breeding, Fire Oasis provides a vibrant and stimulating environment for these celestial creatures to flourish.
  • Mythical Island: While unconventional, Mythical Island offers a more serene and exclusive setting for Cherubble breeding. This island, reserved for Mythical Monsters, exudes an aura of tranquillity and harmony, potentially influencing Cherubble’s development.

Breeding Basics:

Cherubble reproduction is an intricately timed process influenced by the moon’s cycles and atmospheric pressure. Familiarise yourself with these celestial cues to discern the readiness of your Cherubbles for breeding. With precision and patience, you’ll witness the courtship dance, a mesmerising spectacle of synchronised flight and melodious calls.

Breeding Methods:

Two primary methods for Cherubble breeding exist natural and artificial insemination. The natural method relies on the impeccable choreography of male and female Cherubbles during the mating ritual. Alternatively, artificial insemination allows for controlled and selective breeding, ensuring genetic diversity and health. Choose the method that aligns best with your breeding goals.

The Breeding Process:

Once Cherubbles have embarked on their courtship ritual, the breeding process unfolds with meticulous steps. A carefully woven nest, suspended high in the canopy, becomes the cradle for their offspring. Eggs are laid, often with intricate patterns unique to each Cherubble pair. Meticulous incubation follows, and the eggs hatch in due course, bringing new life to your breeding program.

Here are the steps on how to breed Cherubble:

  1. Go to the Breeding Structure on Fire Oasis.
  2. Select Congle as one of the parents.
  3. Select Woolabee as the other parent.
  4. Light as many Wishing Torches as possible.
  5. Start the breeding process

1.Initiating the Breeding Process: Combining Congle and Woolabee

With your breeding ground selected and torches lit, it’s time to initiate the magical process:

  • Breeding Time and Incubation Period: Patience is vital to Cherubble’s arrival. The breeding process typically takes 18 hours, followed by an incubation period of 18 hours. The breeding structure will pulsate with anticipation, hinting at the cherub’s imminent arrival.
  • Possible Breeding Outcomes: While Cherubble is the desired outcome, the breeding combination of Congle and Woolabee can also result in Rare Tweedle and Rare Mammott. Though not Cherubble, these rare variants still possess unique musical talents and can add depth to your island’s symphony.

2.Increasing Breeding Chances: Utilizing Strategies to Enhance Cherubble’s Odds

While luck plays a role in Cherubble breeding, several strategies can tip the odds in your favour:

  • Wishing Torches: As mentioned earlier, Wishing Torches are invaluable tools in increasing Cherubble’s breeding probability. Placing lit Wishing Torches around the breeding structure significantly enhances the chances of a successful Cherubble breeding attempt.
  • Friend Requests: Expanding your My Singing Monsters friends network can prove beneficial. Friends can assist in breeding by providing access to their structures, increasing the number of breeding attempts.
  • Zynth Farm: A Zynth Farm, a specialised breeding ground for Zynths, can also contribute to Cherubble’s acquisition. By breeding Zynths and releasing them, you gain access to Zynth Eggs, which can be used to unlock additional breeding structures, providing more opportunities for Cherubble to appear.

3.Nurturing the Cherubble Egg: Caring for Your Cherub-to-Be

Once the breeding process is complete, a precious Cherubble Egg will emerge from the breeding structure:

  • Incubation Period: The Cherubble Egg requires a further 18-hour incubation before hatching. During this time, monitor the egg’s development, ensuring it receives the necessary care and attention.
  • Egg Nurturing: Using treats, such as Stardust and Diamonds, can boost the Cherubble Egg’s happiness, potentially influencing the cherub’s personality and traits upon hatching.

Caring for Cherubble Eggs:

The incubation period is critical, demanding vigilance and precise environmental control. Cherubble parents take turns nurturing their precious eggs, regulating temperature and humidity. Their dedication to safeguarding the fragile eggs reflects the nurturing instincts that enchant Cherubble breeding.

Hatching and Rearing Cherubble Offspring:

As the eggs hatch, the world is introduced to Cherubble hatchlings. These fragile creatures require diligent care, with a diet rich in specialised nutrients to fuel their rapid growth. Be prepared for the unexpected challenges of nurturing Cherubble offspring, from ensuring their health to fostering their fledging abilities.

Cherubble Breeding Tips and Best Practices:

To excel in Cherubble breeding, incorporate environmental enrichment to stimulate mental and physical well-being. Regular health check-ups for your Cherubbles are essential, along with vigilance against inbreeding to maintain genetic diversity. Employ a meticulous record-keeping system to trace the lineage of your Cherubble progeny and promote responsible breeding practices.


So, dear monster enthusiasts, embrace the challenge of breeding Cherubble. Let the harmonious blend of Congle and Woolabee, guided by the illuminating glow of Wishing Torches, lead you to the doorstep of this enchanting creature. And as you listen to its ethereal voice, remember that the proper melody lies not just in the song itself but in the journey of discovery that brought it to life.

In conclusion, the art of Cherubble breeding is a captivating and rewarding endeavour, delving into the intricate facets of a remarkable species. As you become the custodian of these magnificent creatures, nurturing their existence and furthering their conservation efforts, the world of Cherubbles opens up, enriching our understanding of the natural world. Cherubble breeding is not just a science; it’s an art, a journey, and a commitment to preserving a species that dances elegantly in the heart of pristine rainforests.


Q: What is the breeding combination for Cherubble?

A: The breeding combination for Cherubble is Congle and Woolabee.

Q: Can I breed Cherubble on an island?

A: You can breed Cherubble on Fire Oasis and Mythical Island.

Q: What is the breeding time for Cherubble?

A: The breeding time for Cherubble is 18 hours.

Q: What is the incubation period for Cherubble?

A: The incubation period for Cherubble is 18 hours.

Q: What can I do to increase my chances of breeding Cherubble?

A: You can increase your chances of breeding Cherubble by using Wishing Torches, expanding your network of friends, and building a Zynth Farm.

Q: What treats should I use to nurture the Cherubble Egg?

A: You can use treats like Stardust and Diamonds to nurture the Cherubble Egg.

Q: Where should I place Cherubble on my island?

A: You should place Cherubble near other monsters that share its musical tastes, such as Woolabee and Hyehehe.

Q: What is Cherubble’s favourite decoration?

A: Cherubble’s favourite decoration is the Cherubim Statue.

Q: What is Cherubble’s least favourite decoration?

A: Cherubble’s most miniature favourite decoration is the Odd-o-Mobile.


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