How to Get Antimatter Housing in No Man’s Sky


Antimatter Housing: A Gateway to Galactic Exploration

Antimatter Housing is a pivotal component for interstellar travel and advanced technology in the vast expanse of No Man’s Sky. It’s an enigmatic structure that serves as the linchpin to unlock the boundless potential of your adventures. Antimatter Housing is crucial for crafting Warp Cells, essential for interstellar travel in No Man’s Sky. Acquiring it can be daunting for new players. Still, this comprehensive guide will unravel the mysteries and provide step-by-step instructions to obtain Antimatter Housing efficiently.

Understanding Antimatter Housing:

Delving into the Cosmic Enigma

Antimatter Housing is not your run-of-the-mill crafting material. It’s a complex structure intricately tied to the very fabric of the game’s universe. Understanding its significance and role is paramount before embarking on acquiring it. Let’s explore its purpose and the possibilities it unlocks.

Setting the Stage: Gathering Essential Resources

Primordial Elements and Stellar Ingredients

To craft Antimatter Housing, you must first collect a host of essential resources that form the building blocks of this cosmic puzzle. Elements like Chromatic Metal, Paraffinium, and others are the raw materials that will fuel your quest. Here, we’ll guide you on the art of resource gathering and the best practices to amass your cosmic arsenal.

Exploring Planets and Scanning for Resources:

Unveiling the Geological Treasures

The boundless planets of No Man’s Sky hide invaluable resources beneath their diverse terrains. From lush paradises to desolate wastelands, each world offers a unique set of resources. Learn the intricacies of planetary exploration, honing your scanning skills to uncover precious ores, crystals, and more.

Embark on the “Awakenings” Quest:

The journey to Antimatter Housing begins with the “Awakenings” quest, a pivotal storyline that introduces you to the core mechanics of the game. Follow the quest markers diligently, and you’ll eventually stumble upon an Abandoned Building, which holds the key to Antimatter Housing.

Discover the Forgotten Terminal:

Venture into the depths of the Abandoned Building, and you’ll encounter a mysterious device known as the Forgotten Terminal. Interact with it, and you’ll not only receive your first Antimatter but also unlock the blueprint for crafting Antimatter Housing.

Crafting Antimatter Housing Components:

Forging the Cosmic Keystone

The path to Antimatter Housing leads through the crafting bench. Discover the step-by-step process of creating this intricate component. Extracting and refining Chromatic Metal, gathering Paraffinium, and constructing Antimatter Housing’s components are the critical steps to unlocking its potential.

Navigating Space Stations and Trade Posts:

Cosmic Marketplaces and Trading Secrets

Space stations and trade posts serve as vital hubs in your quest for Antimatter Housing. Understand their role in acquiring rare materials and the opportunities they offer for trading and resource exchange. Master the art of navigating these cosmic marketplaces to bolster your resource reserves.

Seeking Assistance from NPCs and Missions:

The Interstellar Network of Aid

In the vast cosmos, you are not alone. Interacting with non-playable characters (NPCs) and taking on missions can significantly aid your quest for Antimatter Housing. This section reveals the types of missions and NPCs you should engage with, offering guidance on completing these missions successfully.

Unlocking Blueprint and Crafting Technologies:

The Blueprint to Cosmic Mastery

Unlocking the blueprint for Antimatter Housing is a crucial milestone in your journey. We’ll illuminate the path forward, explaining how progression through the game’s storyline and specific milestones are essential to access this blueprint. By unlocking crafting technologies, you pave the way for your cosmic adventures.

Alternative Methods for Acquiring Antimatter Housing:

While crafting Antimatter Housing is the most straightforward method, there are alternative ways to obtain it:

  1. Galactic Trade Terminals: These intergalactic trading hubs occasionally offer Antimatter Housing for purchase. Galactic Trade Terminals, scattered across the star-studded cosmos, serve as bustling marketplaces where intergalactic traders converge to exchange goods and services. Among the wares on offer, there exists a chance to stumble upon Antimatter Housing, available for purchase at a negotiable price.
  2. Planetary Technology Merchants:These specialised vendors, often found in planetary settlements, may have Antimatter Housing in their inventory. Planetary Technology Merchants stationed on various planets across the galaxy possess a wealth of knowledge and resources about local technologies. These merchants may offer Antimatter Housing for sale, adding an element of regional diversity to your acquisition options.
  3. Barrel-type Cargo Crates:These scattered containers have a slight chance of containing Antimatter Housing but require an AtlasPass v1 access card to be open. Barrel-type cargo, often encountered during your interstellar expeditions, holds the potential to contain a variety of items, including the elusive Antimatter Housing. While the odds may be slim, the thrill of discovery awaits those who diligently search these unassuming containers.
  4. Crafting: For those adept at the intricacies of crafting, the path to Antimatter Housing lies in harnessing their technological prowess. By acquiring the necessary blueprint and gathering the required materials, you can construct your own Antimatter Housing, a testament to your ingenuity and resourcefulness.
Method Description
Galactic Trade Terminals Purchase Antimatter Housing from intergalactic traders.
Planetary Technology Merchants Acquire Antimatter Housing from local merchants.
Barrel-Type Cargo Discover Antimatter Housing hidden within barrel-type cargo containers.
Crafting Construct Antimatter Housing using a blueprint and the required materials.


Refining Warp Cells and Using Antimatter Housing:

Harnessing Cosmic Energy for Warp Travel

With Antimatter Housing in your possession, you’ll have the key to crafting warp cells, the heart of interstellar travel. Discover the optimal techniques for warp cell production, ensuring you’re ready for extended space exploration. Learn how to efficiently utilise warp cells and extend your voyages to the far reaches of the universe.

Troubleshooting and Common Challenges:

Overcoming Cosmic Obstacles

As with any cosmic journey, there are challenges along the way. This section addresses common issues and obstacles players may encounter in pursuing Antimatter Housing. Find solutions and gain valuable insights to navigate these cosmic conundrums.

Embrace the Cosmic Odyssey

In the final stretch of your quest, we’ve unveiled the secrets to obtaining Antimatter Housing in No Man’s Sky. Armed with knowledge and r


esources, you are ready to embark on a cosmic odyssey like no other. Antimatter Housing is your gateway to boundless exploration and adventure; with this guide, your journey has just begun. May the stars guide your path, and your adventures know no bounds.


Q: What is Antimatter Housing used for?

A: Antimatter Housing is a key ingredient in crafting Warp Cells, essential for interstellar travel in No Man’s Sky. Without Warp Cells, you’ll be limited to exploring a single star system.

Q: Can I craft Antimatter Housing without the blueprint?

A: No, you need the blueprint to craft Antimatter Housing. The blueprint is obtained by interacting with the Forgotten Terminal in an Abandoned Building, which you encounter during the “Awakenings” quest.

Q: Where can I find Ferrite Dust?

A: Ferrite Dust is a shared resource found on most planets. You can obtain it by mining rocks or refining Iron.

Q: What is an AtlasPass v1 access card?

A: An AtlasPass v1 access card is a technology that allows you to open secure containers and structures, including Barrel-type Cargo Crates. You can purchase AtlasPass v1 access cards at Space Stations or complete specific milestones.

Q: Can I trade Antimatter Housing with other players?

A: Yes, you can trade Antimatter Housing with other players in the Anomaly, a multiplayer hub accessible from any star system.

Q: Is there a limit to how much Antimatter Housing I can carry?

A: No, there is no limit to how much Antimatter Housing you can carry in your inventory or cargo slots.

Q: Can I craft Antimatter Housing on my freighter?

A: Yes, you can craft Antimatter Housing on your freighter as long as it has a Manufacturing Facility installed.

Q: Can I purchase Antimatter Housing from NPCs other than Galactic Trade Terminals and Planetary Technology Merchants?

A: While Galactic Trade Terminals and Planetary Technology Merchants are the most reliable sources for purchasing Antimatter Housing, there is a small chance that other NPCs, such as Vy’keen traders or Korvax merchants, may also have it in their inventory.

Q: Is there a way to increase the chances of getting Antimatter Housing from Barrel-type Cargo Crates?

A: No, there is no known way to increase the chances of getting Antimatter Housing from Barrel-type Cargo Crates. The drop rate is relatively low, so it’s mainly a matter of luck.

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