What Color Thrive Eye Brightener Should I Use: Choosing the Perfect Thrive Eye Brightener Shade (without the Stress!)

What Color Thrive Eye Brightener Should I Use: Choosing the Perfect Thrive Eye Brightener Shade (without the Stress!)

Okay, let’s be real: navigating the sea of shimmering colors in Thrive Causemetics’ Brilliant Eye Brightener can feel like deciphering ancient hieroglyphics in a dimly lit cave. Been there, wandered in Sephora for an hour, emerged with the wrong shade… not a good look. But fear not, fellow makeup warriors! I’m here to shine a light on this quest and help you find the perfect eye brightener shade, a match made in makeup heaven.

Forget boring color charts, let’s talk vibes! Ultimately, you want a shade that complements your unique beauty and makes your eyes say “Take notice, I’m a dazzling wonder!”

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Breaking Down:

First things first, let’s break it down:

1. Skin Tone & Undertone

This is your foundation (literally and figuratively!). Are you fair, light, medium, or golden? Cool, warm, or neutral undertones? Think peaches and cream for cool, golden honey for warm, and a perfectly blended smoothie for neutral. Your skin tone plays a significant role in determining the most flattering eye brightener shade for you. By considering your undertones, you can choose a shade that harmonizes beautifully with your complexion.

2. Eye Color

This is where the magic happens! Blue eyes get a boost with champagne (Stella) or rose gold (Aurora) shimmers. Green eyes pop with bronze (Anise) or copper (Emma) warmth. Brown eyes can play with champagne (Stella) for sparkle or cool gold (Pili) for depth. Hazel eyes? You lucky duck, rock them all!

Eye Color Complementary Thrive Eye Brightner Shades
Blue Champagne, Rose Gold, Peach
Green Bronze, Copper, Mauve
Brown Gold, Bronze, Chocolate
Hazel Plum, Amethyst, Taupe


3. Personal Style

Feeling fierce? Go bold with a cool gold like Pili. Want a natural glow? Stella’s your bestie. Craving a touch of vintage glam? Callie’s warm taupe whispers elegance.

While eye color and skin tone provide valuable insights, personal style and the occasion also influence your choice of Thrive Eye Brightener shade. Consider the following factors:

  • Everyday Wear

Opt for neutral and subtle shades like Soft Beige or Pearl for a natural and effortless look.

  • Evening Glam

Embrace bolder shades like Smoky Quartz or Midnight Sapphire for a captivating and glamorous effect.

  • Special Occasions

Experiment with shimmering shades like Rose Gold or Copper for a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Here’s a handy cheat sheet prepared by me to get you started:

Skin Tone Undertone Eye Color Best Shades
Fair Cool Blue Stella, Aurora
Fair Warm Brown Stella, Emma
Fair Neutral Hazel Stella, Aurora, Emma
Light Cool Blue Stella, Pili
Light Warm Brown Stella, Callie
Light Neutral Hazel Stella, Pili, Callie
Medium Cool Blue Pili, Aurora
Medium Warm Brown Callie, Anise
Medium Neutral Hazel Pili, Aurora, Callie
Golden Cool Blue Pili, Anise
Golden Warm Brown Callie, Anise
Golden Neutral Hazel Pili, Aurora, Anise

Remember, these are just guidelines, not gospel! Experiment, have fun, and trust your gut (and your inner makeup artist).

Pro Tip: Use the eye brightener for more than just under your eyes! Dab it on your brow bone for an instant lift, on your inner corners for a wide-awake look, or even as a subtle highlighter. It’s a multi-talented wonder!

Wrapping Up:

Choosing the right Thrive Eye Brightener shade is an art that combines science, personal style, and self-expression. By understanding your eye color, assessing your skin tone, and considering your personal style and occasion, you can find the perfect shade that accentuates your eyes and boosts your confidence. Let Thrive Eye Brightener be your secret weapon in illuminating your eyes and unlocking your inner radiance.

So, dear makeup adventurer, go forth and conquer the eye brightener aisle! With these tips and your own inner sparkle, you’ll find the perfect shade to illuminate your eyes and the world around you. Shine on!


Still feeling lost? Here are some FAQs:

  • What if I’m between shades?

Go for the lighter one for a natural look, or the darker one for added drama. You can even mix two shades for a custom blend!

  • Can I use the eye brightener on my eyelids?

Absolutely! It’s a great base for eyeshadow or a gorgeous solo statement.

  • How long does it last?

This stuff is a champion! Expect all-day wear with minimal creasing.

  • How do I apply Thrive Eye Brightener for the best results?

A: For optimal results, gently apply the eye brightener to the inner corners of your eyes and along the brow bone, blending it softly with your fingertips or a brush.


  • Can I mix different shades of Thrive Eye Brightener?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to experiment and create your custom shades by blending different Thrive Eye Brightener colors together.


  • Is Thrive Eye Brightener suitable for sensitive eyes?

A: Thrive Eye Brightener is ophthalmologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and free from harsh chemicals, making it suitable for sensitive eyes.


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