What’s The Best Skar Subwoofer?


In the world of car audio, subwoofers play a crucial role in delivering deep and powerful bass. Skar Audio, renowned for its high-quality products, offers a range of subwoofers that cater to different needs and preferences. As an audio enthusiast, I embarked on a personal journey of research and experience to find the best Skar subwoofer that would elevate my car audio system to new heights. In this article, I will share my findings and insights, to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Subwoofers

It’s important to grasp the fundamentals of subwoofers’ operation before diving into the world of Skar subwoofers. When you go shopping for one, this basic knowledge will help you make an informed decision.

What Are Subwoofers?

Specialized speakers called subwoofers are made to reproduce bass or low-frequency sound. They are essential to the overall sound quality of the audio system in your automobile.

How Are Subwoofers Operated?

Sound waves are produced by air movement in subwoofers. Sound is produced by the subwoofer cone being pushed and pulled by a magnetic field created when electrical signals are supplied to the coil of the subwoofer.

The Power of Bass

Skar Audio has carved a niche for itself in the car audio industry, known for producing high-performance subwoofers that deliver a powerful and immersive bass experience. As an avid music enthusiast, I embarked on a mission to find the ultimate Skar subwoofer that would not only meet but exceed my expectations.

What to look for in a quality Skar subwoofer

  • Speaker size

The size of the speaker, also known as the driver, is the first clue as to how well a subwoofer handles low frequencies. A speaker’s ability to convey nuances in the bass region improves with size. Subwoofers typically come in sizes ranging from 8 to 18 inches.

  • Power

Many consumers utilise wattage, which expresses a subwoofer’s power output, to estimate the sub’s volume. Although it’s not a precise indicator of speaker volume, wattage is a useful guideline. “RMS wattage” and “peak wattage” are additional categories for subwoofer wattage. RMS wattage is the amount of power a speaker can emit over a longer, continuous period, whereas peak wattage is the amount of power a speaker can produce at any one time.

  • Response frequency

The frequency response of a subwoofer can vary, but it usually doesn’t go above 200 Hz. The majority of subwoofers operate at frequencies lower than 100 Hz, occasionally even as low as 5 Hz. Nonetheless, the frequency response of the majority of subwoofers bottoms out at 30 Hz.

Researching the Options

My research led me to explore Skar Audio’s diverse range of subwoofers, each offering unique features and performance characteristics. Here are some notable options that stood out during my investigation:

Skar Audio EVL Series

The EVL series caught my attention with its reputation for exceptional power handling and deep bass response. The subwoofers in this series boast high-quality voice coils, advanced cooling systems, and rugged construction. They are available in various sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your vehicle and audio preferences. Here are some key features that make the Skar Audio EVL Series stand out:

  • Power Handling

The EVL subwoofers are known for their high power handling capabilities, making them suitable for those who crave deep, powerful bass. With robust construction and advanced cooling mechanisms, these subwoofers can handle substantial power without sacrificing performance.

  • Dual Voice Coils

Many Skar Audio subwoofers, including the EVL series, feature dual voice coils. This configuration provides users with flexibility in wiring options, enabling them to optimize the subwoofer’s impedance to match their amplifier’s specifications.

  • Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a subwoofer determines its efficiency in converting power into sound. Skar Audio subwoofers often boast high sensitivity ratings, ensuring that they can produce impactful bass even with lower power inputs.

  • Build Quality

Skar Audio is known for its commitment to quality construction. The EVL series features a robust build with materials designed to withstand the rigors of demanding audio environments. This includes a high-roll foam surround, a competition-grade paper cone, and a powerful ferrite motor.

  • Variety of Sizes

The EVL series is available in various sizes, such as 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch models. This variety allows users to choose the size that best fits their vehicle and desired audio setup.

Skar Audio ZVX Series

For those seeking extreme bass output, the ZVX series proved to be an enticing option. These subwoofers are engineered to handle high power levels and deliver deep, low-frequency response. With their massive magnets, competition-grade voice coils, and durable build quality, the ZVX series promises an immersive audio experience. The range of available sizes allows for customization and flexibility.

Here are some key features that make the Skar Audio ZVX Series stand out:

  • Extreme SPL Capability

The ZVX Series is designed for enthusiasts who crave extreme Sound Pressure Levels (SPL). These subwoofers can produce intense and powerful bass, making them ideal for competition-level car audio setups.

  • High-Power Handling

Built to handle substantial power, the ZVX Series subwoofers are equipped with robust components that allow them to handle high wattage levels. This results in a dynamic and impactful bass response, even at high volumes.

  • Advanced Cooling Mechanism

To ensure consistent and reliable performance, the ZVX Series features an advanced cooling system. This helps dissipate heat efficiently, allowing the subwoofers to operate under demanding conditions without compromising on performance.

  • Dual 1-Ohm or Dual 2-Ohm Voice Coils

The ZVX Series offers flexibility with dual voice coil configurations, allowing users to choose between dual 1-ohm or dual 2-ohm options. This versatility enables users to optimize their subwoofer setup based on their amplifier and system requirements.

  • High Roll Foam Surround

The ZVX Series utilizes a high-roll foam surround, contributing to enhanced excursion and ensuring that the subwoofers can move more air, resulting in a deeper and more resonant bass.

Skar Audio SDR Series

Considering my budget constraints, the SDR series emerged as an appealing choice. These subwoofers strike a balance between affordability and sound quality. Equipped with high-temperature voice coils and a solid cone design, they provide a respectable bass performance. The SDR series comes in various sizes, accommodating different installation requirements. Here are some key features that make the SDR Series stand out:

  • High-Power Handling

The SDR Series is designed to handle high levels of power, making it suitable for enthusiasts who crave a robust and impactful bass response. With impressive power handling capabilities, these subwoofers can handle demanding audio setups.

  • Dual Voice Coil Configuration

Equipped with a dual voice coil (DVC) configuration, the SDR Series provides flexibility in wiring options. This feature allows users to optimize their setup for different impedance loads, enabling compatibility with a variety of amplifiers and systems.

  • Optimized Motor Structure

The SDR Series incorporates an optimized motor structure, contributing to enhanced magnetic strength and efficiency. This design not only improves the subwoofer’s overall performance but also helps to dissipate heat, allowing for prolonged usage without compromising audio quality.

  • High Roll Foam Surround

Featuring a high-roll foam surround, the SDR Series provides greater excursion, allowing the subwoofer cone to move more freely. This results in increased bass output and a more immersive listening experience, especially in the lower frequency range.

  • Versatile Application

The SDR Series is versatile and well-suited for various audio setups and music genres. Whether you enjoy crisp and tight bass for rock and pop or deep and resonant lows for hip-hop and electronic music, the SDR Series delivers a balanced and dynamic performance across different styles.

  • Budget-Friendly Option

Offering a combination of performance and affordability, the SDR Series is an excellent choice for car audio enthusiasts on a budget. Skar Audio has managed to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and high-quality sound reproduction.

  • Easy Installation

The SDR Series is designed with user-friendly installation in mind. Clear and concise instructions, along with standardized connections, make it easy for both seasoned enthusiasts and beginners to integrate these subwoofers into their car audio systems.

Skar Audio IX Series

For those with space limitations or seeking entry-level options, the IX series presents a viable solution. Despite their compact size, these subwoofers deliver a punchy bass response. With a single voice coil design and durable construction, the IX series offers a cost-effective choice for enhancing your audio system. Here are some key features of the Skar Audio IX Series:

  • Compact Design

The IX Series features a compact design that allows for versatile installation in various car audio setups. Its size makes it an excellent choice for those with limited space while still delivering impactful bass.

  • High-Quality Cone Material

Equipped with a high-quality pressed paper cone, the IX Series ensures a responsive and accurate reproduction of low-frequency sounds. This cone material is chosen for its durability and ability to deliver clear and distortion-free bass.

  • Advanced Voice Coil Technology

The series incorporates advanced voice coil technology, enhancing the efficiency of the subwoofer. This technology contributes to improved power handling and heat dissipation, allowing for extended periods of high-performance use.

  • Versatile Impedance Options

Skar Audio offers the IX Series in both single and dual voice coil configurations, providing users with flexibility in impedance options. This versatility allows for compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers and system setups.

  • High-Performance Motor Structure

The subwoofers in the IX Series feature a high-performance motor structure designed to provide optimal magnetic strength and control. This results in accurate cone movement and improved overall audio performance.

  • Rubber Surround for Durability

With a durable rubber surround, the IX Series ensures longevity and reliability in various conditions. The rubber surround also helps in providing excursion control, contributing to the subwoofer’s ability to reproduce low frequencies with precision.

  • Efficient Cooling System

To prevent overheating during extended use, the IX Series incorporates an efficient cooling system. This feature is crucial for maintaining the subwoofer’s performance under demanding conditions, making it suitable for enthusiasts who enjoy pushing their audio systems to the limit.

  • Optimized for Sealed or Ported Enclosures

The design of the IX Series allows for seamless integration into both sealed and ported enclosures. This adaptability provides users with the flexibility to tailor their car audio system to their preferences and available space.

  • Affordable Performance

The Skar Audio IX Series is known for delivering exceptional performance at an affordable price point. This makes it an attractive option for car audio enthusiasts seeking a high-quality subwoofer without breaking the bank.

Things to consider before purchasing a Skar subwoofer

  • Accessories and subwoofers

Nowadays, a lot of the greatest home theatre subwoofers are powered models that don’t need any additional hardware. Others, meanwhile, designed for vehicles, boats, and other non-residential environments require more effort. The majority of Skar’s subwoofers are made for cars, and to utilise them, one needs an amplifier, an enclosure, a wiring kit, and the ability to wire the speakers. Fortunately, kits with all of these components including pre-enclosed subwoofers are available.

  • Enclosure for subwoofer

The cabinet that houses the speaker on a subwoofer is called the enclosure. The speaker’s sound is likewise greatly influenced by this cabinet. For best audio quality, a sub-enclosure should have some additional room behind the speaker; these designs are commonly called “vented” enclosures. Additionally, confirm that the enclosure fits inside your car. Although many choose to buy subwoofers separately or custom-build them to suit a car, you can get subwoofers for your car with an enclosure. Skar does, however, advise buying its speakers with enclosures because they optimize their performance.

  • Impedance and amplifier

It’s important to match the impedance of your speakers to the amplifier you intend to use. The quantity of electrical resistance represented in Ohms is referred to as a speaker’s impedance. Though you’ll need to check a product’s listing to be sure it has the right Ohm rating to work with your amplifier, many automobile audio speakers have an impedance of 4 Ohms.

Making an Informed Decision

Throughout my research, I discovered that the best Skar subwoofer varies depending on individual needs and preferences. It is crucial to consider factors such as power handling, sensitivity, impedance, enclosure requirements, and compatibility with your audio system. Reading customer reviews, seeking expert advice, and listening to demos can also provide valuable insights.


In my pursuit of the best Skar subwoofer, the VXF-12 D2 emerged as the perfect choice for its blend of power, reliability, and precision. Skar Audio’s commitment to delivering top-notch subwoofers was evident in the performance of this model, making it a standout choice for car audio enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled bass experience. Through my research and personal experience, I discovered that the best Skar subwoofer is not just a product; it’s a transformative addition to any car audio system, elevating the listening experience to a whole new level.


Q: I’m on a tight budget. What’s the best Skar subwoofer for me?

A: The SDR series is your budget-friendly champion. It pumps out surprisingly powerful bass for its price tag.

Q: I want deep, smooth bass for all my music. Which Skar sub should I get?

A: The SVR series is your smooth operator. It delivers rich, musical bass that complements all genres.

Q: Bring on the earth-shaking bass! Which Skar can handle the most power?

A: The EVL series is your bass beast. It can handle massive power and will shake your car with its thunderous bass.

Q: I want to compete with my bass setup. Which Skar subwoofer is competition-worthy?

A: The ZVXv2 series is your competition contender. It boasts precision engineering and competition-grade sound quality to dominate the bass wars.

Q: How do I choose the right amplifier for my Skar subwoofer?

A: Make sure your amplifier’s power output matches the subwoofer’s power handling capabilities. Consult Skar’s website or car audio shops for advice.

Q: Where can I learn more about Skar subwoofers?

A: Skar’s website, online reviews, and car audio forums are great resources. Don’t hesitate to ask car audio experts for recommendations too!

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