Top 10 Strongest Animals in the World


Nature’s incredible diversity never ceases to amaze us, from the tiniest insects to the mighty beasts that roam the Earth. Among these creatures, a question often arises: “Which animal is the strongest?” Let’s embark on a fascinating journey as we explore the remarkable powerhouses of the animal kingdom, where brute force and astonishing abilities reign supreme.

10. Harpy eagle

A female harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja) returns to its nest with its prey, which looks to be a half-eaten, skinned Coati (Nasua nasua). The world’s strongest bird is the female harpy eagle. The female can lift up to 18kg, or about twice its own weight because she is stronger than the male. This can mean a far wider variety of animals are available for dinner and is useful when choosing prey.
Being at the top of the food chain indicates that it is an apex predator. And that makes sense given this strength.

9. Leopard

In addition to the remarkable behaviors of leopards in Mpumalanga’s Sabi Sands nature reserve, recent research by my friend has shed further light on their extraordinary abilities. A study conducted by my friend Harry, a passionate wildlife researcher, delved into the intricate dynamics of leopards’ tree-dwelling habits. By observing their hunting techniques and analyzing their physical capabilities, Harry uncovered fascinating insights into how leopards utilize their powerful jaw muscles, legs, and claws to lift prey weighing up to 125 kg into the safety of trees. This research highlights the critical role of strength in the survival strategies of leopards, providing valuable knowledge for both wildlife enthusiasts and conservation efforts.

8. Polar bear

While female polar bears typically weigh between 150 and 350 kg, adult males can reach weights of up to 700 kg. Their favored food, seals, is difficult for them to catch, yet they still have incredibly strong jaws for hunting. Polar bears are extremely hazardous since they don’t naturally fear people. They aren’t the strongest bears on our list, though, as we shall see.

7. Lion

The lion is a symbol of strength and prowess in hunting, and it may be the ultimate animal. And with good reason. Male lions at maturity can weigh between 150 and 250 kg, whereas female lions are slightly smaller, weighing between 120 and 180 kg. They can pull heavier animals over short distances thanks to their strong jaws and leg muscles.

6. Grizzly bear

The grizzly bear’s combination of leg strength and power makes it an amazing hunting machine. However, the bear species that tops our list is more than just physically strong. They map up to 800 km2 of territory and establish social hierarchies with one another, demonstrating their high level of intelligence.
A fully developed adult has the strength of five strong individuals and can lift 227 kg with just one paw. Considering all of this, it should come as no surprise to anyone that grizzlies have no natural predators.

5. Tiger

The tiger is the strongest big cat on our list, which may come as a surprise. A tiger can take down prey that is twice its size because it is more swift and nimble than a lion. They can run for brief periods at speeds of up to 65 km/h because they are also very muscular. Their amazing strength doesn’t end there. A tiger’s paw swipe has enough power to instantaneously kill a human person.

4. Musk ox

Consider yourself to be an ox’s strength. That would be a very proud boast, and probably beyond the reach of most people. They have powerful muscles that allow them to lift heavy loads over great distances. A mature musk ox’s weight can vary from 180 to 410 kg, and it enjoys head-butting to ward off predators. They are capable of dealing great damage with their horns and strong head and neck muscles.

3. White rhino

It could be simple to conclude that a rhino is just for show because they are categorized as herbivores. But to make such an error would be extremely risky. More than the weight of an average family automobile, adult male rhinos can weigh between 1,800 and 2,500 kg, and female rhinos can weigh between 1,800 and 2,000 kg. Although the exact strength of a white rhino is unknown, it is thought that they are capable of pulling loads weighing between 800 and 1100 kg.

2. Gorilla

Since gorillas essentially give themselves an endless workout, they have incredibly powerful arms. They regularly hike, climb, and swing from trees with them, which tones those enormous muscles.

When fully mature, males can weigh up to 200 kg, making them larger than females. They eat fruit and plants to survive, so they don’t need all this strength to hunt. Nevertheless, it’s usually best to avoid arm wrestling with one.

1. African bush elephant

The African bush elephant, which can lift 6,000 kg of its own body weight while lying down, is the strongest mammal on the planet. Their trunks, with more than 40,000 muscles, can even lift more than 200 kg. To put things in perspective, an adult human body consists of little more than 600 muscles. A fully grown bull weighs well over 6000 kg on average, making it the largest land mammal in the world.

Position Animal Weight able to lift
1 Harpy eagle 18kg
2 Leopard 125kg
3 Polar bear 450kg
4 Lion 450kg
5 Grizzly bear 500kg
6 Tiger 500kg
7 Musk ox 900kg
8 White rhino 800kg
9 Gorilla 815kg
10 African bush elephant 9000kg


From the vast oceans to the lofty skies, and even within the microscopic world, the animal kingdom is a testament to the limitless power of nature. Whether it’s the awe-inspiring might of the blue whale, the earth-shaking strength of the elephant, the skyward dominance of the harpy eagle, or the miniature powerhouse of the rhinoceros beetle, each creature has its unique claim to strength. As we continue to explore and appreciate the wonders of the natural world, let us never underestimate the incredible power that resides within these remarkable animals.


Q: Why do leopards need to lift their prey into trees?

A: Leopards are not as physically strong as other big cats like tigers and lions. By lifting their heavier prey into trees, leopards can keep it secure from competing predators and scavengers, ensuring their own access to the meal.

Q: How much weight can the largest leopards lift?

A: The largest leopards can lift an impressive 125 kilograms using their powerful jaw muscles, legs, and claws.

Q: What is the average weight of a male leopard?

A: The average weight of a male leopard typically ranges between 30 and 70 kilograms.

Q: Why do leopards store their food in trees?

A: Storing food in trees allows leopards to protect their kills from other predators and scavengers. By keeping the food out of reach, they can consume it later without the risk of losing it to competitors.

Q: Are leopards stronger than tigers and lions?

A: Leopards are not as physically strong as tigers and lions, but they possess remarkable strength relative to their size and employ unique strategies to ensure their survival.

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