How to Breed Quarrister     


Breeding exotic aquatic species has long fascinated hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. Among the captivating creatures sought after for their vibrant colours and distinctive features, the Quarrister stands out as an enigmatic aquatic marvel. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the intricate process of breeding Quarristers, unveiling the mysteries of this remarkable species and providing you with valuable insights into successful breeding practices.

In My Singing Monsters, where melodies intertwine with the elements, the Quarrister stands as a harmonious blend of Plant, Cold, Air, and Earth. This quad-elemental monster brings a unique rhythmic depth to the islands, captivating listeners with its captivating tune. If you seek to add this musical gem to your collection, embark on this comprehensive guide to unravelling the mysteries of Quarrister breeding.

Understanding Quarrister Basics:

To embark on the journey of Quarrister breeding, one must first grasp the fundamental knowledge about this captivating species. Quarristers, scientifically known as “Syntharachne Sonorus,” are labyrinth fish known for their unique colouration and harmonic vocalizations. These small, elongated creatures exhibit a labyrinth organ, which allows them to breathe atmospheric air. Understanding their behaviour, habitat, and life cycle is essential to providing the best care and ensuring successful breeding.

Preparing for Breeding:

Before diving into the breeding process, it is imperative to prepare meticulously. Selecting healthy Quarristers is the initial step, with a keen focus on their physical vitality and genetic diversity. Creating an ideal habitat within your aquarium, complete with lush vegetation and carefully maintained water parameters, is crucial. Nutritional requirements should not be overlooked, as a balanced diet is vital for the overall health and breeding readiness of your Quarristers.

Breeding Quarristers:

The breeding process itself is a remarkable display of nature’s intricacy. Quarristers engage in a unique courtship ritual, where males exhibit their colourful fin extensions and perform elaborate dances to attract females. Once pairs are formed, the delicate process of nest building and egg-laying commences. The female deposits her eggs in a meticulously constructed bubble nest, a spectacle that showcases the male’s dedication to caring for the future offspring.

Exploring Breeding Combinations for the Quarrister:

The path to breeding a Quarrister lies in understanding the various combinations that can yield this coveted monster. While there are several successful pairings, the most potent combination is undoubtedly Thumpies + Noggin. This pairing boasts the highest breeding success rate, bringing the Quarrister to life with remarkable consistency.

However, for those seeking alternative routes, several other combinations offer a chance to breed a Quarrister, albeit with slightly lower odds:

  • Reedling + Mammott
  • PomPom + Potbelly
  • Clamble + Tweedle
  • Dandidoo + Drumpler
  • Cybop + Furcorn
  • Pango + Shrubb
Monster 1 Monster 2 Breeding Time
Thumpies Noggin 24 hours
Dandidoo Drumpler 24 hours
Cybop Furcorn 24 hours
Pango Shrubb 24 hours
PomPom Potbelly 24 hours
Clamble Tweedle 24 hours
Reedling Mammott 24 hours


Optimizing Breeding Chances:

While luck plays a role in breeding, there are strategies you can employ to increase your chances of welcoming a Quarrister to your islands. Firstly, prioritize upgrading your breeding structures, particularly the Breeding Structure and Nursery. These enhancements boost breeding efficiency, bringing the Quarrister closer to your grasp.

Secondly, torches serve as beacons of hope, illuminating the breeding process and further enhancing success rates. Surround your Breeding Structure with torches to create an environment conducive to Quarrister breeding.

Finally, remember that patience and persistence are key. Breeding attempts may not always yield the desired outcome, but don’t despair. Even failed attempts can result in valuable rewards, such as coins or other monsters. Keep trying, and soon, the melodious tunes of the Quarrister will grace your islands.

Tips for Quarrister Breeding Success:

  • Utilize Wishing Torches: The illuminating power of Wishing Torches can significantly increase your chances of breeding Quarrister and acquiring its rare variant.
  • Embrace Patience: Breeding Quarrister requires patience and perseverance. While the recommended combination of Thumpies and Noggin offers a high success rate, there may be instances where patience is needed.
  • Explore Other Pairings: While the Thumpies-Noggin combination is the most efficient, feel free to experiment with other pairings listed in the table. Each combination offers a unique chance to discover the enchanting Quarrister.

Caring for Quarrister Eggs:

Egg incubation is a critical phase in Quarrister breeding. The male tirelessly guards the bubble nest, ensuring the eggs remain safe and well-aerated. Monitoring the development of the eggs is crucial, as any signs of fungus or disease must be addressed promptly. Attention to detail during this stage significantly contributes to the overall success of the breeding endeavor.

Hatching and Rearing Quarrister Fry:

As the eggs hatch, the aquarium becomes abuzz with tiny Quarrister fry. Feeding the fry poses a unique challenge, as their minuscule size requires specialized care. Providing suitable nutrition and maintaining water quality is essential for their growth and development. Watching the fry progress from delicate larvae to robust juveniles is a rewarding experience.

Common Challenges in Quarrister Breeding:

Breeding Quarristers, like any exotic species, comes with its share of challenges. Disease prevention, environmental factors, and potential complications during egg incubation can pose obstacles. This section addresses these common challenges, offering practical advice to overcome them and ensure the well-being of your Quarristers.

Breeding Variations and Hybridization:

For the advanced enthusiast, exploring variations in Quarrister breeding is a captivating endeavor. Breeding different Quarrister species and creating hybrid Quarristers are exciting prospects. Understanding the intricacies of hybridization and its potential outcomes allows for further experimentation in this fascinating world of aquatic breeding.

Selling or Trading Quarrister Offspring:

Once you’ve successfully bred a thriving community of Quarristers, you may consider selling or trading your offspring with fellow enthusiasts. This section delves into finding interested buyers, adhering to legal considerations, and the rewards of sharing your breeding achievements with the broader community.

Troubleshooting Breeding Issues:

Even the most seasoned My Singing Monsters players may encounter breeding hiccups. If your breeding attempt fails, don’t fret. Here’s how to navigate these challenges:

  • Double-check the breeding combination. Ensure that the selected monsters possess the necessary elements without any repetition.
  • Verify that your Breeding Structure and Nursery are adequately upgraded. Insufficient levels can hinder breeding success.
  • Check for any ongoing breeding attempts. Multiple active breeding attempts can interfere with each other.
  • Consider using Wishing Torches, which offer an extra boost to breeding chances.

Remember, failed attempts are not entirely futile. They can yield valuable rewards, such as coins or other monsters. Keep experimenting, and with persistence, the Quarrister will join your musical ensemble.


In the realm of exotic aquatic species, breeding Quarristers is a captivating and rewarding pursuit. This comprehensive guide has equipped you with the knowledge and insights needed to embark on this enchanting journey. From understanding the basics to overcoming challenges and exploring breeding variations, your success in Quarrister breeding is within reach. May your aquatic endeavors be filled with vibrant colors, harmonious melodies, and the satisfaction of nurturing this unique and mesmerizing species.


Q: What is the best combination for breeding a Quarrister?

A: The best combination for breeding a Quarrister is Thumpies + Noggin. This pairing has the highest success rate, making it the most reliable method for obtaining this quad-elemental monster.

Q: Are there any other combinations that can yield a Quarrister?

A: Yes, several other combinations can yield a Quarrister, but they have slightly lower success rates compared to Thumpies + Noggin. These alternative combinations include:

  • Reedling + Mammott
  • PomPom + Potbelly
  • Clamble + Tweedle
  • Dandidoo + Drumpler
  • Cybop + Furcorn
  • Pango + Shrubb

Q: How can I increase my chances of breeding a Quarrister?

A: Several strategies can help you boost your chances of breeding a Quarrister:

  1. Upgrade Breeding Structures: Enhance your Breeding Structure and Nursery to improve breeding efficiency.
  2. Place Torches: Surround your Breeding Structure with torches to create a favourable environment for breeding.
  3. Be Patient: Breeding attempts may not always succeed immediately. Keep trying; eventually, you’ll welcome a Quarrister to your islands.

Q: What should I do if my breeding attempt fails?

If your breeding attempt fails, don’t panic. Here’s how to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Verify Breeding Combination: Double-check the breeding combination to ensure it includes the necessary elements without repetition.
  2. Check Breeding Structures: Ensure your Breeding Structure and Nursery are adequately upgraded.
  3. Ongoing Breeding Attempts: Check for any ongoing breeding attempts that might be interfering.
  4. Utilize Wishing Torches: Consider using Wishing Torches for an extra boost to breeding chances.
  5. View as Learning Opportunity: Even failed attempts can yield valuable rewards like coins or other monsters.

Q: How do I care for my Quarrister once it’s bred?

Nurturing and feeding your Quarrister is essential for its well-being and musical performance:

  1. Provide Ample Space: Place your Quarrister in an area with ample space for it to thrive.
  2. Feed Regularly: Provide a steady supply of its favourite treats to keep it happy and performing at its peak.
  3. Monitor Happiness: A happy Quarrister will produce more coins and contribute more enthusiastically to the island’s harmony.
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