How to Unequip Weapons in Sons of the Forest


In the mysterious and thrilling world of Sons of the Forest, survival is paramount. This survival horror game demands not only your wit and courage but also your finesse in wielding weapons. However, there are moments when you must know how to navigate the delicate art of unequipping your weapon. In this article, we will explore the reasons, methods, and strategies for unequipping weapons in Sons of the Forest, ensuring your in-game experience remains as immersive and strategic as possible.

Why You May Want to Unequip Weapons:

As you embark on your journey in Sons of the Forest, it’s essential to recognise the situations where unequipping your weapon is a tactical advantage.

Survival in the Game: When you are not under immediate threat, unequipping your weapon can help conserve stamina and allow you to run faster, a crucial aspect of evading danger in the game’s unpredictable world.

Interacting with NPCs: Peaceful interactions with non-playable characters (NPCs) may require you to put your weapons away, preventing unnecessary hostilities and fostering alliances.

Preventing Accidental Attacks: Keeping your weapon unsheathed can lead to unintentional attacks, harming friendly NPCs or fellow players in multiplayer mode.

Understanding Weapons in Sons of the Forest:

To master the art of unequipping weapons, it’s vital to comprehend the arsenal at your disposal.

Types of Weapons Available: Sons of the Forest provides an array of weapons, from simple tools to advanced firearms. Knowing your equipment is the first step to understanding how to manage it.

Equipping and Using Weapons: Familiarize yourself with effectively equipping and using your chosen weapon. Each has its unique mechanics and purpose.

Default Controls for Weapons: Unveil the default control schemes for keyboard and gamepad users to ensure you’re well-prepared for any situation.

Essential Controls for Unequipping Weapons:

Let’s delve into the fundamental controls required to unequip weapons in Sons of the Forest.

Keyboard Controls: For those using a keyboard, mastering the shortcuts to holster your weapon is vital.

Gamepad Controls: Gamepad enthusiasts, too, must be well-versed in the button combinations required to put away their weapons swiftly.

Custom Key bindings: Tailoring your key bindings can provide a personalised and efficient way to unequip your weapon as needed.

Unequipping Weapons on PC:

For PC gamers, we offer a comprehensive guide to unequip weapons.

Step-by-Step Guide for Keyboard Users: A detailed walkthrough on unequipping your weapon using a keyboard, ensuring a seamless transition from offensive to defensive stances.

Using the Mouse and Inventory: Leveraging the mouse and inventory interface to achieve a weaponless state with precision and speed.

Troubleshooting Tips: Troublesome issues may arise; discover effective solutions to common problems that may hinder the unequipping process.

Unequipping Weapons on Console:

Console players, fear not; here’s your guide to unequipping weapons seamlessly.

Step-by-Step Guide for Gamepad Users: A step-by-step tutorial to navigate the controls and unequip your weapon while on a console, guaranteeing a quick response to in-game situations.

Navigating the Inventory on the Console: Learn how to access your inventory and perform the necessary actions to unburden yourself of your weapon.

Common Issues and Solutions: Explore solutions to potential hiccups that might impede your unequipping efforts on a console.

How to Unequip Weapons on Multiplayer:

In the world of multiplayer gaming, teamwork and communication are key. Discover the nuances of unequipping weapons in a shared gameplay environment.

Coordinating with Teammates: Effective communication with your team is essential when deciding to unequip your weapons strategically.

Avoiding Friendly Fire: Prevent accidents and maintain friendly relationships with your fellow players by mastering the art of holstering your weapon during team play.

Unequipping Methods:

Here is a brief table of various unequipping methods:

Item Unequipping Method
Right-hand weapon Press G
Lighter Press L
Walkie-talkie Press Q
Map Press M

Auto-Equipping: A Double-edged Sword:

While auto-equipping can be convenient in certain situations, it can also lead to unintended consequences. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself accidentally grabbing items you don’t want or need. To avoid this, be mindful of how long you hold down the E key. A quick tap will simply pick up the item and place it in your inventory, while holding it down will automatically equip it.

Useful Tips and Strategies:

Armed with the knowledge of unequipping weapons, learn valuable tips and strategies to enhance your gameplay.

  • Managing Inventory Space: Wise management of your inventory is critical. Understand the significance of having the right items at the right time.
  • Quick Weapon Switching: Master the art of swift weapon switching, always preparing you for sudden changes in the game’s dynamics.
  • Advanced Techniques: Delve into advanced techniques that can take your unequipping skills to the next level, providing a competitive edge.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings: Before unequipping your weapon, make sure you’re in a safe area away from potential threats.
  • Manage your inventory: Keep your inventory organized to avoid cluttering your hands. Discard or store unnecessary items to ensure you have enough space for the items you need.
  • Use the right key for the job: Remember that different keys are used for unequipping items held in different hands.

When Not to Unequip Weapons:

While unequipping weapons can be advantageous, there are moments when you should think twice.

Times to Keep Your Weapon Ready: Identify the scenarios where keeping your weapon at the ready is crucial for your survival and success in the game.

Balancing Defense and Offense: Striking the right balance between defence and offence is pivotal; discern when to be aggressive and when to maintain a more cautious approach.


In the perilous world of Sons of the Forest, the ability to unequip your weapon is a strategic skill that can save lives, forge alliances, and ensure your survival. With a firm understanding of the game’s weapons, controls, and tactics, you can navigate the game world with finesse and emerge victorious. Mastering the art of unequipping weapons in Sons of Forests is a testament to your gaming expertise and your adaptability and resourcefulness in the face of ever-present danger. Whether you’re facing down a horde of cannibals or crafting a masterpiece shelter, your newfound knowledge will empower you to tackle any challenge the island throws. So, embrace the art of unequipping and embark on your journey of survival with confidence and control.


Q1: Is it necessary to unequip weapons in Sons of the Forest?

A1: Unequipping weapons is not always mandatory, but it can be highly beneficial in various situations. It allows you to conserve stamina, interact peacefully with NPCs, and avoid accidental attacks on friendly entities. Knowing when to unequip your weapon is a strategic choice that can greatly impact your gameplay experience.

Q2: Can I unequip my weapon at any time, or are there restrictions?

A2: You can generally unequip your weapon at any time when not in combat. However, some in-game situations or events may restrict your ability to do so. It’s crucial to choose the right moment to unequip your weapon to avoid leaving yourself vulnerable.

Q3: Are there penalties for accidentally attacking friendly NPCs or players in multiplayer due to a drawn weapon?

A3: Yes, accidental attacks on friendly entities can have consequences, such as damaging your relationships with NPCs or negatively impacting teamwork in multiplayer mode. Learning when to unequip your weapon and being cautious during interactions can prevent such mishaps.

Q4: How do I switch between different weapons or tools in Sons of the Forest?

A4: To switch between weapons or tools, you typically need to access your inventory or use the game’s designated controls for cycling through your equipment. Familiarizing yourself with these controls is crucial for quick and efficient changes.

Q5: Are there any advanced techniques for unequipping weapons that can give me an advantage in the game?

A5: Yes, there are advanced techniques, such as creating custom keybindings or setting up quick access shortcuts, that can significantly improve your unequipping speed and overall gameplay. These techniques can offer a competitive edge when mastered.

Q6: Can you unequip weapons in combat situations, or is it only possible when you’re not threatened?

A6: Unequipping weapons during combat can be risky, as it leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks. It’s generally advisable to unequip your weapon when you’re not under immediate threat. Engaging in combat requires a different approach, which may involve switching to more suitable weapons or tools.

Q7: Are there any specific scenarios where keeping your weapon ready is absolutely essential?

A7: Yes, there are situations, like facing powerful enemies or dangerous wildlife, where keeping your weapon ready is crucial for your safety. Balancing defense and offense is essential to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the game.

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